Brad Allen-Waters

Cross referencing metaphor and allegory in art, science, architecture and design.  Brad Allen-Waters is a multi disciplinary artist based in the Blue Mountains.  Driven by techno-aestheticism the main focus of his work is sculptural lighting. His one-off sculptural pieces document a provocative exploration of possibilities and contradictions in form and function.  His paintings evoke the landscape in abstract form. 

The Altitude Project: Linden Observatory – Response to Site

Ken Beames manufactured and assembled his own personal universe with the Linden Observatory, as a legacy to the community that we may enjoy and wonder at our shared universe. The site has evidence of tools and the potential for astronomical observation thousands of years past.  The landscape is imbued with a lineage of cultural absorption which is demonstrated beautifully by a story related to me by Linden Observatory Trust member Ian Bridges who worked closely with Ken Beames for many years maintaining the telescope and assisting in building the unfinished planetarium.  Long after Ken passed away, sounds of his machinery could be heard emanating from the landscape in the early evenings.  Lyre birds had absorbed the machine sounds and passed their song on for generations to the present day.

My work for this event reabsorbs a sample from the rich heritage of activities on this site in two parts:

Part 1.   A formal kinetic sculpture “The Aesthetiscope” expressing the physics of optics, the essence of early to mid 20th Century design and analogue electro mechanics.

Part 2.  A collaborative performance with sound artist Jon Drummond “Lyre Lyre” inspired by the Lyre birds story and the life of Ken Beames. 

Jon Drummond

Jon Drummond is a sound artist and composer whose work explores interactive electroacoustics, robotics, sonification of natural phenomena, acoustic ecology, and real-time interactive performance systems for acoustic instruments. His works have been presented at many festivals and conferences, including The Adelaide Festival, the International Computer Music Conferences, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. His research interests include human-computer interaction design, new interfaces for musical expression, gesture analysis, improvisation, sound spatialisation and data sonification.