Chris Caines

Chris Caines is a Katoomba based artist producing video, installation and locative media as well as music. He founded the Media Object series at UTS ePress including editing Live AV in Australia by Grayson Cooke, and co-editing Voice/Presence/Absence with Malcom Angelucci .

His work has been collected by and seen at many festivals and Museums including ACMI, The Queensland Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Tate UK, the Art Gallery of NSW and the Berlin, Venice and Cannes festivals. Production of this work has been supported by numerous art and research grants, public commissions and international arts and scholarly residencies.

For The Altitude Project

For Altitude Chris will perform a new forty five minute composition based around the phenomenon of solar storms.  Focusing in particular the collision of the earth in 1859 with a coronal mass ejection.  A geomagnetic storm that caused telegraph systems to catch on fire and aurora to reach the equator.  It has come to be known as The Carrington Event.

Using noise prints from solar winds and compositional structures based around eleven and twenty two year solar cycles it also explores the idea of the Sun as the most primal and fundamental object humans experience “up there” a focus of worship, fear and awe.