Jacquelene Drinkall

(UFO.20 x N2O) + (USA C9 + USSR T4) = Séance for Pioneers of Psi, Sky and Climate Change

This work combines research into pioneering airplane engineers Amy Johnson and Jack Drinkall, as well Nitrous Oxide, Telepathy and Climate change. It will combine the stories of Amy and Jack with orange and white USA C9 and USSR T4 parachutes, UFO fragments and crash-scene emergency blankets. It will also initiate a group Ouija séance to pull signals out of the air regarding fossil fuels (comprised from dead plants and animals) as well as departed pioneers. Further, it incorporates research into Nitrous Oxide (N20) as an accelerant not only of engine performance, and N2O as faciltator of anaestheticised telepathic experiences, but N2O is also a key ingredient of human greenhouse gas acceleration of global climate change.

I will combine elements of my ongoing Weatherman UFO project with research into the life, death and life-after-life of Amy Johnson. Amy Johnson disappeared during a fateful and unauthorized airplane flight during bad weather with a broken compass. Amy leapt from her failing plane with a parachute and was last seen waving to rescuers in the freezing waters of the Thames River within five feet of the Navy rescue ship that promptly attended to her rescue. The propeller of the rescue boat was put in reverse to avoid a sand bar and it is now considered possible, if not likely, that she was sucked into the ship’s propeller. Amy disappeared without a trace and her body was not recovered and the ship’s captain also died from hypothermia the next day, having himself leapt into the freezing waters in a futile attempt to locate her disappeared body. In a séance conducted with spirit medium Leslie Flint in 1970, Amy Johnson declares her fascination with human advances in space travel and relates her love of air flight to her interest in Spiritualism. She says she no longer needs airplanes in the afterlife:  

Nitrous Oxide (N20) is sometimes used to enhance automotive and aeronautical engine performance, made famous in spectacular WW2 Nazi airplane superheroics and disasters, and in Mad Max mythology. N20 is also the anaesthetic known as ‘laughing gas’ and it is a greenhouse gas that is accelerating climate change to dangerous levels via human agricultural use of ammonia in nitrogen-based fertilizers. N2O is three hundred times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide, even though carbon dioxide represents 75% of greenhouse gases. This is because one tonne of N2O is equivalent to 298 tonnes of carbon dioxide, N2O takes 110 years to be removed from the atmosphere, and when it is removed it depletes the ozone layer. Philosopher, psychologist and psychical researcher William James had significant mystical and spiritual experiences of telepathy under the influence of N20 that provided pioneering insights into modern work on cognition, consciousness and psychical research and greatly informed his book The Varieties of Religious Experience. 

Jack Clarence Drinkall started a lifetime of work for Qantas at age eighteen as an Aircraft Engineer in 1937, having worked many years as a teen apprentice. In 1947, six years after Amy Johnson disappeared in 1941, he was elected as an Associate of The Institution of Automative and Aeronautical Engineers. Jack and ground crew at Perth airport were once witness to three UFOs flying at 1600 knots per hour passing speed at Perth airport, and they duly recorded this anomaly to airspace officials. Jack continued flying as usual and did not see nor report any other anomaly in his lifetime.

This work is part of ongoing installments of my Weatherman UFOlogy project. The telepathic message is that we are all pioneers of climate change.