Michael Petchkovsky

Michael Petchkovsky is an arts practitioner and long term resident of Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains. His practice in contemporary electronic media stems from an undergraduate training in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts in the 1990s. He has recently completed Master of Studio Arts and Master of Fine Arts postgraduate studies at SCA.

His work looks at meeting points between the sciences and the arts and culture. Combining the traditional materials and techniques of his early training with hand built electronics and computer graphics he explores the ways our tools and technologies both represent and affect our lives. 

Beyond his solo practice he contributes to collaborative, grassroots collective and community oriented arts projects and sees them as vital and dynamic components of a sustainable and inclusive society providing creative stimulus to the social ecology and local economies. He also finds employment in the arts in technical assistance, production management, and gallery installation roles.

The Altitude Project

Observing where we stand, looking to the sky locates us in time and place.  This work imagines a cluster of stars drawn near.  Like fireflies, like wandering stars, signaling passage through time.  The patterning and staccato strobe of an array of networked LED light elements speaks of instants, moments strung together into stories of shared experience in place and across longer time periods.  

As these LED beacons relay information between one another we may wonder, what do the stars make of the earth as they visit here in the form of light reaching our planet? Their chatter and songs mix with our own, bounce off the land and return to the sky carrying a record of their visit here, and carrying their gleanings of our stories with them.